Hungarian Studies Review Vol. 10., 1983

y-Cungarian Studies Review Vol. X, Nos. 1 and 2 (1983) Special Volume HUNGARY AND THE SECOND WORLD WAR PART i: The Road to War S.B. Vardy, Eva S. Balogh, Thomas Sakmyster, Francis S. Wagner and N.F. Dreisziger discuss the long-term and immediate origins of Hungary's involvement in World War II. part ii : The Search for Peace Istvan I. Mocsy, Leslie Laszlo, Mario D. Fenyo and Janos Horvath write on the themes of opposition to collaboration and the search for a way to end the war. Introductory essays by N.F. Dreisziger. Comments on the war-time diaries of Cardinal Seredi by Leslie Laszlo. Book reviews by T.L. Sakmyster and S. Antal. Photographs.