Hungarian Studies Review Vol. 19., 1992

Hungarian Studies Review Vol. XIX, Nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall, 1992) In this volume Austro-Hungarian society is examined in two papers and a review article. Blair Holmes analyses the problem of premarital pregnancy in nineteenth and early twentieth century village community, Edward Plater comments about Istvan Szabo's film depicting life and high society in the last decades of the Habsburg Empire, and Sandor Agocs reviews Istvan Deak's book on the Habsburg officer corps. In other articles, Bela Vas­sady writes about the relationship between turn-of-the-century Hungarian­American mutual aid associations and the Hungarian ethnic press, Stephen Satory outlines aspects of the diverging careers of composers Bartok and Kodaly, and Moses Nagy comments on Rumanian author Emile M. Go­ran's characterization of Rumanians and Hungarians.