Symposia Biologica Hungarica 18. - Mathematical Models of Metabolic Regulation (1976)

MATHEMATICAL MODELS OF METABOLIC REGULATION Edited by T. KELETI and S. LAKATOS (Symposia Biologioa Hungarica 18) This volume comprises the papers delivered at the FEBS Advanced Course No. 27 held after the 9th Meeting of the Federation of European Bio­chemical Societies in 1974. The reports of the lecturers give an overall picture of the present state of their research fields including so far unpublished results. The papers deal with the bio­chemical aspects of the regu­lation of metabolic pathways and the possibilities of mathe­matical modelling of such sys­tems. Special attention is de­voted to the key enzymes and enzyme systems, further to the interaction of these enzymes and membranes as well as to the biochemical, biophysical and mathematical descriptions of ki­netic analysis of the metabolic processes. The volume is recommended for those actively engaged in biochemical and biophysical re­search but it mav be useful also for mathematicians, phys­icists, biologists and medical workers who are interested in the current problems and trends of metabolic regulation. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences BUDAPEST ISBN 963 05 0919 9


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