Symposia Biologica Hungarica 36. - Neurobiology of Invertebrates (1988)

NEUROBIOLOGY OF INVERTEBRATES Edited by J. SALÁNKI and K. S.-RÓZSA (Symposia Biologica Hungarica 36) This volume containing papers of a Satellite Sym­posium of the 2nd World Congress of Neuroscience covers a wide spectrum of research concerning neurons, brain and behaviour of invertebrate ani­mals. It includes physiology, pharmacology and localization of specific chemical substance, peptid­ergic mechanisms, problems of modulation, in­tegration and learning, as well as ionic channels and intracellular mechanisms mainly in the brain of molluscs and arthropods. It highlights novel aspects of neurotransmitter research like the inter­action of transmitters and modulators, the inter­relationship between chemical substances and ionic channels, the significance of intracellular processes during and after transmitter action, and immuno- cytochemical detection of transmitter localization. The new results obtained by way of simple model systems add to the basic knowledge applicable in understanding similar processes in the nervous systems of higher animals and man. The significant interest in these topics is proved also by the fact that representatives of a large number of research laboratories from 15 countries attended the symposium. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST ISBN 963 05 4958 1