Symposia biologica Hungarica 1960-1991


A Symposia Biologica Hungarica 1960 és 1991 között megjelent 39 kötete a Magyarországon 1958 és 1989 között tartott nemzetközi biológiai szimpóziumok anyagát tartalmazza német ill. angol nyelven. A tematikus kötetek szakcikkei a biológia legkülönbözőbb részterületeinek kurrens eredményeit publikálják: Actinomycetes, Bacterial Transformation and Bacteriocinogeny, Biology of Memory, Bryoecology, Chromatography, Conservation and Management of Lakes, Dynamics of Biochemical Systems, Evolution in Plants, Evolutionary Trends in Fossil and Recent Hominids, Fish, Pathogens and Environment in European Polyculture, Fracture Healing, General Mechanism and Regulation of Enzymes, Growth and Development, Heavy Metals in Water Organisms, Human Impacts on Life in Fresh Waters, Hypothalamus-hypophysensystem und Neurosekretion, Insects-Plants, Limnology of Shallow Waters, Makrophagen und Phagozytose, Mathematical Models of Metabolic Regulation, Membrane Dynamics and Transport of Normal and Tumor Cells, Modern Trends in Neuromorphology, Muscle, Neurobiology of Invertebrates, Nucleic Acids and Proteins in Higher Plants, Physiologie, Proteinase Action, Protoplast Research, Protozoological Research, Regeneration and Wound Healing, Soil Microbiology, The Host-Plant in Relation to Insect Behaviour and Reproduction, The Pineal Gland, Ultrastructural Features of Cells and Tissues in Culture.

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