Jel-Kép, 1984 (Special edition)

Published quarterly in Hungarian by the Mass Communication Research Centre Editorial Office: Hungary, Budapest V Akadémia u. 17. 1054 Tel: 327-745 Editor: Dr. Tamás Szecskő Special Edition, 1984 CONTENTS Róbert Angelusz: Changes of Norms, the Television and the Public 5 Tamás Szecskő: Visual Culture and Mass Communication 16 FOCUS Tamás Terestyéni: A Few Characteristics of the Picture of Reality Broadcast by the Television Newsreel 30 Márta D. Hoffmann and János Rudas: In Dispute (Analysis and Interpretation) 50 Ildikó Kovdts and János Tölgyesi: The "Balaton Problem" in the Press 70 Éva Földvári: Why a Medical Advice Column in the Press? 86 COMMUNICATORS Róbert Angelusz, Ferenc Békés, Márta Nagy and János Timár: The Hungarian Journalist Community in 1981 96 János Timár: Generations of Journalists 139 Katalin Hanák: Male and Female Communicators on the Screen 156 THE PUBLIC OF THE FUTURE Ildikó Szabó and György Csepeli: The School of Political Emotions 178 Katalin Hanák: Fantasticality - Reality - Fantasy 189 Sándor Erdősi and Mária Dankánics: Children in front of the Screen 205 THE WORLD OUTSIDE Zoltán Jakab: Television Programmes on Offer in Some European Socialist Countries 215 Erzsébet Szilágyi: The Reception of the TV Series "Hospital in the Outskirts of the City" 222 CROSS-SECTION Mária Vásárhelyi: Access to the Electronic Media in Hungary 235 Róbert Tardos: Colour Television in Hungary 247