Acta Geologica 38. (1995)

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ACTA GEOLOGICA HUNGARICA A QUARTERLY OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Acta Geologica Hungarica publishes original studies on geology, crystallography, mineralogy, petrography, geochemistry, and paleontology. Acta Geologica Hungarica is published in yearly volumes of four numbers by AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences H-1117 Budapest Prielle Kornélia u. 19-35 Manuscripts and editorial correspondence should be addressed to the ACTA GEOLOGICA HUNGARICA Dr. János Haas Academical Research Group, Department of Geology, Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences H-1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/a, Hungary E-mail: Orders should be addressed to AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ H-1519 Budapest, P.O. Box 245, Hungary Subscription price for Volume 38 (1995) in 4 issues US$ 92.00, including normal postage, airmail delivery US$ 20.00. Acta Geologica Hungarica is abstracted/indexed in Bibliographie des Sciences de la Terre, Chemical Abstracts, Hydro-index, Mineralogical Abstract © Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest 1995