Haematologia 14. (1981)

1981 / 1. szám

HAEMATOLOG IA is an international quarterly publishing original papers on haematology. It also provides the reader with complex and up-to-date information on both research and clinical practice. A General Survey, an Open Forum, Book Reviews, and Abstracts of more important papers from other periodicals are to serve this purpose. Haematologia is published at quarterly intervals. Distributor for: Albania, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Korean People’s Republic, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, U.S.S.R., Viet-Nam, Yugoslavia K U L T U R A Hungarian Foreign Trading Co., H-1389 Budapest 62, P.O.B. 149, Hungary For all other countries subscriptions should be sent to ELSEVIER/NORTH-HOLLAND SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHERS LTD. P.O.Box 85, Limerick, Ireland. Subscription price: US $ 79.— per year (including postage) for 1981. The journal is automatically sent by air to the USA and Canada at no extra cost and to Japan, Australia and New Zealand with a small additional postal charge. The additional charges are available upon request.