Hidrológiai Közlöny 1938 (18. évfolyam)

A Magyarhoni Földtani Társulat Hidrológiai Szakosztályának jelenlegi tisztikara (1939). Tiszteleti tagok: gróf Marenzi Ferenc Károly, Farkass Kálmán. Elnök: Weszelszky Gyula dr. Társelnökök: Rohringer Sándor, Vendl Aladár dr. Titkár: Takáts Tibor dr. Böhm Ferenc Dieter János Emszt Kálmán dr. Horusitzky Ferenc dr. Horusitzky Henrik Választmányi tagok: Lászlóffy Woldemár dr. Lóczy Lajos dr. Mazalán Pál Noszky Jenő dr. Pávai-Vajna Ferenc dr. Rozlozsnik Pál Schmidt E. Róbert dr. Sehr ét er Zoltán dr. Sümeghy József dr. Vitális Sándor dr. Vigh Gyula dr. A számvizsgáló bizottság tagjai: László Gábor dr., Papp Rémig. The Budapest Municipal „Széchenyi" Thermal-Mineral Bath. The building of the „Széchenyi Thermal-Mineral Bath" lies in one of the finest Parts of the Metropolis: the Városliget. The Mineral-water of the Széchenyi-bath is supplied by the well-known „Artesian-Spring", the radio-active an^ sulphurous waters of wich burst forth from a depth of 970 metres. Its temperature is 74° Celsius. Healing-Factors of every kind are at the disposition of the patients, under the permanent control of specialists. Such are: carbonic acid baths, hotair treatment, electric-baths and electric treatment, diathermia, mechanical therapy, mud-packing, with the radio-active mud of Kolop, and drinking-cures. Cases proposed for Treatment: The healing factors are applied sucees­ftilly in cases of deformations of the joints ai\d muscles, caused by rheumatism and gout such as exudations, contractions and stiffness of the joints. Moreover, illnesses of the central and peripheric nervous system, the degeneration of the spinal marrow, paralysis, resulting from neuritis, lumbago and especially sciatica and the different forms of nervous debility. These same methods of curing also have a beneficial effect in cases of the diseases of the bloodcirculation system, weakness of the muscles of the heart, arteriosclerosis, illnesses of women troubles of the metabolic process, such as gout, obesity, chronicle lues, scrofula, skin diseases and metalpoisoning. The drinking-cure, which enhances the efficacy of the baths, can be used with particularly good result againts chronic catarrhs of the throat, lungs, stomach and intestines, abdominal complaints, bilious affections, constipation, nephritic troubles, catarrh of the bladder and gout.