Hungarian Studies Review Vol. 23., 1996

JiSX, 9{ungaricm Studies Review Vol. XXffl, Nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall, 1996) Special Volume: Regent Miklos Horthy, Istvan Horthy and the Second World War Edited by N.F. Dreisziger In this special volume Rita Pentek writes about the circumstances and consequences of the election of Istvan Horthy as Hungary's Vice-Regent in 1942; Pal Pritz analyses the relationship of Miklos Horthy and Hitler's special representative in Hungary, Edmund Veesenmayer, immediately after the Nazi occupation of Hungary in March of 1944; N. F. Dreisziger provides commentary on Veesenmayer's testi­mony to American military intelligence officials in 1945; Thomas Sakmyster com­ments on two letters that the exiled Miklos Horthy had written to Allied leaders after the war; and Mario Fenyo reviews Thomas Sakmyster's recent biography of Miklos Horthy. This section of this special volume is introduced by Dreisziger in a historiographies essay on Miklds and Istvan Horthy. Part 2 of the volume contains unrelated papers and reviews by Jutka Devenyi, Sandor Agocs and others.