Iparrégészeti és archeometriai tájékoztató 7-8. (1990)


Industrial Archaeology and Archaeometry Newsletter Vols. VII-VIII. English Supplement 1990. Editorial T\vo years have passed since our Readers could receive news on Hungarian archaeometry, in form of our Newslet­ter and its English Supplement. The reason for this long silence was, partly, rooted in the fact that members of the Working Group for Industrial Archaeology were active in preparing the Catalogue of Industrial Archaeologi­cal Relics (Iparrégészeti Leletkataszter), members of the Archaeometry Working Group worked on compiling the volume Archeometrical Studies in Hungary’, in English and Hungarian versions. The volume was issued in English by the end of 1988, while the Hungarian version is expected for 1991. T\vo years in this radiply developing field is a long time. During this, favourable and less favourable changes took place in the work of both Committees; changes in staff affecting the Industrial Archaeological and Archaeometry Newsletter as well. Former editor of the Newsletter, Márta JARÓ has resigned from the post due to her other tasks; anyway, she is supporting the publication of our Newsletter as Member of the Editorial Board, together with Elisabeth JEREM on behalf of the Industrial Archaeological Working Group. The changes are reported in details within the "Current activity of the Working Groups". Tvo years also brought with a variety of scientific meetings and conferences, reported on in details mainly for the Hungarian version of our Newsletter. Unfortuna­tely, the international conference planned for 1990 in our previous issue had to be postponed for 1991, the back page of the Newsletter serves as second announcement, containing basic information of the 2nd Circular. K. T Biró editor Current activity of the Working Groups Joint meetings of the Committees The activity of the Industrial Archaeological and Ar- chaeometrical Working Groups have always been closely related. In the past two years, the two Commi­tees had several joint projects and, seemingly, the future program of the Working Groups is intended to have even more solid ties. The Working Groups for Industrial Archaeology and Archaeometry had a joint session on the 18-19th of May, 1988. The main topic of the session was metal­lurgy, copper and bronze investigations as well as lec­tures on kilns and furnaces. On the 4th of May, 1990, another joint session was devoted to lectures of Austrian colleagues from Vien­na. Apart from the lectures, reports were made on the International Symposium in Archaeometry, Heidel­berg 1990, where 9 Hungarian colleagues could take part in the work of the meeting. In September, both of the Working Groups elected their new leaders for the coming 2-year term. Renewal of membership became actual, which took place on the most recent session of the Working Groups, 14th of December 1990. Most important events of the meeting comprised current tasks for the forthcoming International Archaeometrical Confer­ence, October 1991 and consent to possibly undertaking the honouring task of organising the next International Symposium in Archaeometry. Current Presidium of the Working Groups: Working Group of Industrial Archaeology Chairman: Gömöri, János Secretary: Költő László Working Group of Archaeometry: Chairman: Borszéki, János Secretary: Járó Márta Archaeometrical Commitee Dating TL dating BENKŐ, Lázár and GÖMÖRI, János were lecturing on TL dating of early medieval iron-smelting furnaces on a meeting of industrial archaeology, held in 1988, Brno, Czechoslovakia. BENKŐ, L. took part on the 9th Conference on In­ternational Solid State Dosimetry (Vienna, 1988), presenting a lecture on the method developed for the measurement of small beta radiation necessary for TL dating. In the collaboration of the Isotope Insti­tute of the HAS, Budapest, the Boskovic Institute, Zagreb and the Nuclear Research Institute, Sofia, test dating of identical archaeological samples is be­ing performed to investigate comparability of the method. 1