Symposia Biologica Hungarica 28. - The Pineal Gland (1985)

THE PINEAL GLAND CURRENT STATE OF PINEAL RESEARCH Edited by B. MESS, CS. RÍTZSÁS, L. TIMA and P. PÉVET (Symposia Biologica Hungarica 28) This book contains the 24 invited lectures delivered at the Third Colloquium of the European Pineal Study Group. The papers, written by outstanding scientific authorities from all continents, cover the entire scope of the new trends that have emerged in pineal research in the last decade. The compara­tive morphology and physiology of the gland, the biochemistry of pineal hormones and their metab­olism, the endocrine role with special reference to the reproduction in cyclic and in seasonal breeder species, as well as the role of environ­mental factors played in the regulation of the gland are all discussed in the book. A special chapter is devoted to the clinical application of the knowledge obtained in pineal physiology. Finally, two papers try to find the link between the data obtained mainly on laboratory rodents and in smaller part in human pathology by a thorough investigation of the pineal gland in primates. This book is a useful tool for postgraduate stu­dents in need of a relatively short yet compre­hensive survey on the pineal gland. Advanced scientists, morphologists, physiologists, endocri­nologists, biochemists and comparative biologists will also find new data valuable for their future research in the field of pinealogy. Clinicians (inter­nists, gynaecologists, psychiatrists) may also profit from the book in their diagnostic and therapeutic work. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST ISBN 963 05 4082 7